What Is A Dummy Ticket And Why Is It Used?

In the realm of travel planning, particularly for visa applications and itinerary bookings, the term “dummy ticket” often arises. But what exactly is a dummy ticket, and why is it used? In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of dummy tickets, their significance in the travel process, and why they’re a valuable tool for travelers worldwide.

What is a Dummy Ticket?

A dummy ticket, also known as a flight itinerary or reservation, is a temporary flight booking made for the purpose of visa applications, travel planning, or demonstrating proof of onward travel. A dummy ticket seems to be a real airline ticket with a valid PNR/ booking code or booking reference number. If they are checked via the “Manage my booking” option or the “My trips” are found on many airline websites, they can be verified on the airline websites. Dummy flight tickets provide embassies or consulates with all the information they need to be able to process your visa application and emigration clearence. Your dummy ticket (or flight reservation) will include:
● Departure Date
● Arrival Date
● Passenger Full Name
● The Name of the Airlne
● Flight Details with Airline Number
● Booking reference/Confirmation Number/PNR
It’s called a dummy ticket because, unlike with flight tickets, it isn’t paid for. Once you’ve secured a dummy ticket for your flights, the reservation is usually held in your name for a few weeks, so you can apply and wait for your visa grant confirmation before paying for your air ticket. Unlike a confirmed ticket, a dummy ticket is not a valid reservation and cannot be used for actual travel.

Why is a Dummy Ticket Used?

Visa Applications: Many countries require travelers to provide proof of onward travel as part of their visa application process. This is especially common for tourist visas, where applicants must demonstrate their intention to leave the country within a specified timeframe. A dummy ticket can fulfill this requirement by showing a tentative flight itinerary, even if the traveler has not yet booked their actual flights.

Travel Planning: Dummy tickets are also used for travel planning purposes, allowing travelers to map out their itinerary and budget before making final bookings. By creating a dummy ticket, travelers can estimate the cost of flights, plan their route, and ensure they meet visa requirements before proceeding with their travel arrangements.

Avoiding Cancelation Fees: In some cases, travelers may need to provide proof of onward travel to avoid cancelation fees or penalties when booking accommodation or transportation. By presenting a dummy ticket, travelers can secure their bookings without committing to specific travel dates, giving them flexibility and peace of mind.

How to Obtain a Dummy Ticket:

There are several ways to obtain a dummy ticket for visa applications or travel planning purposes:

Online Booking Platforms: Many online travel agencies and booking platforms offer the option to create dummy tickets or flight itineraries. These platforms allow users to generate temporary reservations by entering their desired travel dates and destinations. While these dummy tickets are not valid for travel, they can be used for visa applications or itinerary planning.

Travel Agencies: Traditional travel agencies and visa service providers can also assist travelers in obtaining dummy tickets for visa applications. These agencies can create customized itineraries tailored to the traveler’s needs and visa requirements, providing peace of mind and assurance during the application process.

Self-Creation: For travelers familiar with the travel industry and booking systems, it is possible to create a dummy ticket manually. This involves generating a flight itinerary using airline websites or reservation systems and then canceling the reservation once it has served its purpose. However, this method requires careful attention to detail to ensure the dummy ticket meets visa requirements and does not incur any fees or penalties.


In summary, a dummy ticket is a temporary flight booking used for visa applications, travel planning, and demonstrating proof of onward travel. While not valid for actual travel, dummy tickets serve a valuable purpose in facilitating visa approvals, securing travel bookings, and providing peace of mind to travelers worldwide. Whether for visa applications or itinerary planning, dummy tickets are a valuable tool for navigating the complexities of international travel and ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish.

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